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It’s that time of year… Time to travel! Break the chain, “wash the eyes”, whatever you want to call it, we just know how good it is. So how can you beat the combination of surf, sun & fun? I really don’t know. So I’ll just try to describe this little piece of paradise in Portugal called, Peniche.

In a “nutshell”, Peniche is the portuguese (and european for that matter) surf capital. A peninsula (more like an Island if you ask me), where you can surf pretty much every single day of the year due to the privileged geography of the region, making for consistent conditions to learn or improve your surfing. The thing is… it’s so much more than just surfing! Great food, nightlife, history, scuba diving, people, golf courses, I mean, take your pick! All of it at reasonable prices for a developed country, known for its great weather, fish and relaxed people. So unless you’re against having a good time, this is a place you should seriously consider… or not, cause we are relaxed like that.

Why Peniche?

Perfect beaches & surf spots

In addition to all of its natural beauty, Peniche has the great advantage of concentrating so many good surfspots in such a short distance, making you’re daily search for the best surfspot much easier than anywhere else is Portugal or Europe. Less energy and time (and money of course) spent looking for waves, more time surfing them! You will find waves of all degrees of difficulty, which translates into a “flavor for everyone”. A definitely year round surfing destination, be it challenging Supertubos, Lagide, Cantinho da Baía, Almagreira, etc… you name it, it’s a given that you’ll find a suitable wave for your surfing to progress.

Great cousine & fun

Besides the surfing there is much more to enjoy in the Peniche area, starting with the amazing food, recognized worldwide, specially the fish, so fresh and tasty! If the daily catch doesn’t faze you in a good manner I’m sure the great nightlife will. The diversity of the origin of the international partygoers makes for a very interesting mix to say the least! But don’t be scared if this sounds like too intense, you can get as relaxed and undisturbed as possible if that is you’re wish, be it by hitting the golf course, spear fishing, pole fishing, or going for a stroll around a close by lagoon, the possibilities are endless.

Relax & attractions

The growing local surfing community is mostly made of visiting surfers that just can’t find the strength… to leave! You too will quickly find out why Peniche is quite the opposite of a one day stopover, a must in any traveling surfer in the know. Of course if you want to sample the other culture and food offers, besides the regional, you are still close to Lisbon, capital city of Portugal, rightfully most interesting city in Europe.

You Are Welcome


Why stay at our Hostel? The advantages are immense, starting with the fact that you will find fellow travelers in the same situation, as in made by surfers for surfers, which also translates into the perfect amount of proximity to the beach and an unparallel sense of freedom.

Obviously connected to Alex Surf School and located in fantastic Baleal - Peniche, our Hostel is the ideal accommodation for a surfer of any level, be it beginner, intermediate or advanced. And of course the staff is the cherry on this cake, ready to take care of all your needs and make for a memorable time in beautiful Baleal – Peniche. So what are you waiting for? Sun, surf and fun, it’s all here!



In regards to specific information about accommodation, adding to the perfect geographic location for surfing, partying or a bit of both, all situations can be arranged according to the desires of our clients, be it an individual, with friend(s) or bigger group. All is possible! As in renting the whole hostel or private rooms, 4 people in 1 room (for instance 2 kids and parents). Or even a big group of 10 to 11 people. Different options, several needs. You want, we provide! Plus, you get the personalized attention of true local surfers to ensure you have the best time, enjoying all that the Baleal – Peniche area has to offer, in and out of the water.


Blue room


x 4


22 € / per night


Green room


x 10–11


22 € / per night

Questions & Answers

“Are the surfspots far from the hostel?”
Not at all, we are in walking distance of many spots.
“Do I have to take my own surfboard and wetsuit?”
You’re choice; we have all the equipment in case you need it.
“What is the internet situation?”
We have Wi-Fi at the hostel and in most local bars in the area.
“Regarding meal preparation, can I cook?”
We have a great BBQ area at the back of hostel plus a normal kitchen inside, so you’ll have a full set of cooking options.
“Do We have to bring our own towels and bed sheets?”
Not necessarily, because we provide linen & towels. Also there is a washing machine in case You want to wash clothes at the hostel.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.


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